Reptilian stare

The distinctive “look” of psychopathy: gazing into the face of evil

Gaze into the void…. Psychopaths and malignant narcissists are very good at putting on masks to get others to trust them. They can seem warm and charming when they want to. Many people have mentioned the intense stare a psychopathic person will fix you with, even when they are trying to charm you into trusting them. Make no mistake—they are predators out for the kill. If you have met someone who seems to stare at you excessively, or in a predatory way that makes you uneasy, that person is probably a psychopath or malignant narcissist trying to get their hooks into you. I think evil is the opposite of somethingness —evil is pure black nothingness. Here are some examples of the dead, reptilian eyes of known psychopaths and malignant narcissists. Serial killer Dennis Rader. Convicted murderer Jodi Arias. Scott Peterson, unfaithful husband who murdered his pregnant wife and unborn child. Susan Smith, who murdered her two young sons by sinking them in a car she drove into a lake because she wanted to please her lover, who did not want children. In some cases, psychopaths show a distinctive smirk or sneer. Behind the twinkle, the eyes are still reptilian and dead. Here are some examples of this look:. Osama bin Laden, fundamentalist Islamic mastermind who ordered the attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon in Mass murderer Charles Manson, who never killed anyone himself but had his cult of followers do his dirty work for him. Cheney and his cronies bailed out or pardoned corporate criminals like Halliburton. How could you trust a man with a face like that? These jerks have zero empathy and seem very psychopathic. Former pro football player and actor O. Simpson during his famous murder trial. This insolent expression became his trademark look while he was on trial. Someone on another website about narcissists was being attacked by her and called her out. Her eyes look like those solid black eyes you see in horror movies of demonic people. I have no doubt this woman is as evil as she looks. Serial killer and alleged Satanist Richard Ramirez.

Psychopathy: Is It In Their Eyes?

But only those who intellectually or physically consider themselves to be dominant tend to make the predatory stare a psychic calling card of sorts while compulsively striving to enmesh with prey. Whatever the case, if you spot someone making the face at you or while looking at another person, understand what you have seen is more than likely the telltale hallmark of a person with an Anti-Social Personality Disorder — a person to be socially avoided if at all possible to avoid being targeted to suffer their wrath someday. Sociopaths predatory stare techniques differ slightly from Narcissistic predatory stares. When a Narcissist looks at you, the more Malignant their nature the more likely they are to smile in your face then start hyper-emoting wildly to show their displeasure or distaste when and if the object of their attention looks away. But not so with a Psychopath or Sociopath. A Sociopath who is aware of their own power to persuade and intimidate or socially influence others tends to use it to his or her full advantage. Ever wonder what a Sociopath or Psychopath was thinking when they make the intensely fixed but blank stare gaze? Or why they look so cold and dead inside but seem to exude sparkle and charisma just the same? The more they pose, preen, and posture like peacocks, the more attention tends to be lavished upon them — but the more sinister, menacingand foreboding they look in general is meant to socially interest curious empathic people while simultaneously making the predator appear more socially powerful and domineering in some deeply twisted and disturbed quasi-romantic Disneyesque sort of way. Sociopath stare is a real thing. So are Psychopath Eyes that frighten people on a core level with their cold gaze and passionately disinterested glare. Human bodies are still animal in biological origin and intuition tends to alert us to clear and present danger. That danger is why when a predator stares, often times its next meal finds itself transfixed, mesmerized and unable to look away. Malevolent contempt is typically only present on the faces of people who are seriously anti-social and toxic by nature. The blank sociopath stare might mean they are contemplating their navel. It could also mean they are scheming to socially engineer a love fraud scenario, they actually physically would love to murder you, or they are plotting your social destruction — typically by observing your every move socially and emotionally and then doing exactly what they think is most likely to get your attention and manipulate your emotions psychologically most easily. Predatory stare tactics include but are not limited to locking eyes with a prospective victim while sizing them up for ease of manipulability. Stare a psychopath in the eyes and worlds of convoluted thoughts and dream impressions appear. Looking into the eyes of an average human being, pupils tend to dilate and friendly micro expression crinkles around the eyes tend to appear. Their eye focus tends to narrow their pupils, often times with one side narrowing slightly more than the other — almost as if they are hunting and enjoying their own internally pleasurable gaming state. The female Sociopath stare tends to be one that is supposed to give a viewer the sense that the woman is both powerful and alluring.

Sociopath Stare and Psychopath Eyes major red flags of personality disorder

Many of us have seen firsthand or read descriptions of psychopaths having an intense gaze, a predatory or reptilian stare, or eyes that are lifeless, dead, emotionless, cold, icy, flat, black, or empty. I have noticed that sometimes his eyes looked completely without expression, like glass…. I thought it was because I was in love. As the relationship progressed I saw his eyes change to evil, soulless tools and it was frightening and perplexing. I saw a picture of me and him the first day we hung out. It was like staring at the eyes of the devil…. I have one very eerie photo taken on a holiday where he is looking directly at me through the lens. His eyes appear to be flashing with hatred and contempt. My two year anniversary is Sunday and I looked at our wedding pictures, just to see if his eyes were as dead then as they are now. I was horrified. They were. The lifelessness, lack of light or soul behind his eyes is chilling. I have not a doubt that I was hypnotized by him and I believe I know when. It can be a very sexy combination. His eyes would not waver…. It is visual predation. These appear to be necessary, related, but insufficient characteristics that provide certain biological predispositions for the development of the psychopathic character. Reid Meloy, Ph. Normal people maintain close eye contact with others for a variety of reasons, but the fixated stare of the psychopath is more prelude to self-gratification and the exercise of power than simple interest or empathetic caring. It was actually the twinkle of amusement as he manipulated me. Nothing is foolproof. And depending on their particular gaze, there may not seem to be anything amiss until after the fact. Linear interaction Of two. Lambent one, One dim. Interfusion In a catalytic act: Luminance. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. Thank you. Obviously written from direct experience. Buy Now. That was how his eyes looked. Cold but gleeful. I thought at first it was good humor, joy. I came to realize that it was amusement as he watched me come under his spell. They were the eyes of a predator about to pounce, and when I was enchanted his eyes went cold, and the devaluation began. I saw the transformation. It was terrifying.

The “Reptilian Stare” or “Shark Gaze”of the Sociopathic Personality

They are. He had obliviously prattled on with his shit-talking for over a year to people who were in the know as far as our situation was concerned. If we were alone he would have murdered me with his bare hands, and that is open to NO interpretation whatsoever. All of his carefully hidden rage was at the boiling point. Watching him choke down that fury in his feeble attempt to maintain his facade in a public place was hilarious. He looked like he had a porcupine up his ass. Seriously, how dare I retaliate against his nastiness and bitterness and the disrespect he handed me? Worse still…how dare I play his stupid game better than he? That look he fixed on me was pure black loathing and hate. His glare actually burned into my back. I had my back to the front door when he walked in. I had no idea he was even within a mile radius. That glare was just unadulterated evil, it was so hatefully intent and that I felt it from ten feet away before I spun around and saw him. In fact, all of these sociopaths are innocent victims of a vindictive and biased justice system. Just ask them about what great and misunderstood people they are. She loves Halloween and was excited to have homework about pumpkins! Like Like. Your brain can pick up their rage emotion. Mine would pick it up from the floor above and command my body to respond. After a couple days pacing, blood pressure and adrenals, the attack would finally commence. Like Liked by 1 person. One of those horrid inhuman sinister psychopathic creatures keeps knocking at our door late at night. We had only met him once through one of our idiot desperate single friends. She brought him over to our house. We stupidly allowed him to stay overnight with her. We later discovered he left behind his crackpipe! He was in prison for 8 years for murder. This is nice Canada How do we get rid of him without being slashed? Sinderella, Still trying to comprehend what kind of monster I have been living with for the last 22 years. Do they hate everyone? It is absolutely bizarre. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Ive seen and experienced this look of evil. Its very scary. I felt unsafe as i look back and now realize that i wasnt seeing "something", it really was a reptilian look! I have seen it. I thought at the time, it was like looking at the flat, dead eyes of a viper from hell and I could almost see the forked tongue flicking. I will never forget that look. Before I knew about narcissism I was trying to explain to her when was upsetting me. I didnt have the words It is soul chilling. I remember my initial meeting with the N. I immediately knew that it was a stranger danger situation. I took one look at him and I knew that he was everything he turned out to be. At the time I was younger and didn't trust my instincts. Fortunately for me I wasn't easily controlled but I was naturally kind and empathetic. I believe that rebel in me saved me from my demise. I remember waking up one night and he was sitting at the edge of the bed staring at me when I opened my eyes. Then he quickly left. I once came down the stairs one morning after taking a shower to find him in a drunken sleep sprawled across my living room floor. To my knowledge, he had no key and he was not there before I went to sleep. I live alone and I can also remember him saying to me, "I could literally kill you and no one would find you for days". Never did I imagine that he was thinking this but I thought back to that icy stare he gave me when I first met him. I used to act nicely to him only to receive his ass to kiss but when I would call him names and berate him he would treat me royally. He has since been incarcerated and I know recognize the lifeline I was thrown for a second chance. I am grateful to not have any ties to him and to walk away with only minor emotional pain. My ex. Glad I survived, he was an evil person. Demonic possession has taken place in an empty vessel is what is happening To say demonic possession is responsible for these people's behavior is to absolve them of responsibility for their actions, something I flatly refuse to do. They chose to cross the line and abuse and to blame it on anything else, ANYTHING else-- yourself, the devil, the drink, their childhoods-- makes them not guilty.

Reptilian Stare

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